The 5 Best Smartphones for 2023

If you are like most of the world these days, your entire life is embedded in your smartphone. Okay, perhaps not your family and friends, but you do chat with them via your phone. You also use your smartphone to wake you up in the morning, take pictures, watch shows, complete banking transactions, and so much more. Maybe your phone is lagging, missing app capabilities, or doesn’t have enough storage. In that case, you are probably in the market for a brand new smartphone; the decision is not to be taken lightly! Check out this researched list of the five best smartphones for 2020.

First, to clear up some confusion, what is the difference between a locked and unlocked phone? A locked phone is usually much cheaper, and it is one that is tied to a specific carrier. An unlocked phone is even more expensive, and you can take it to any carrier that you like, be it AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or anyone else. If you’re working with a low budget and who isn’t these days, you might want to consider getting a locked phone from a carrier that you know you will want to stay with for the entire time that you have that phone.

Apple iPhone SE

iPhones have been at the cutting edge of smartphone technology since Steve Jobs introduced the idea of a smartphone back in 2008. But let’s face it, these things are pricey, sometimes $1000 or more. The iPhone SE is a cheaper option, coming in at less than $400 for a brand new one but with the same functionality as other iPhones. The biggest drawback is that some people find the iPhone ecosystem to be a bit stifling, seeing it is only compatible with other Apple products and apps.

Motorola Moto e

Remember when Motorola Razr phones were all the rage? Today, Motorola smartphones are about the mid-level for functionality but have the most bang for your buck. The Moto e comes in at about $200 for a new one, so it can be the right choice if you have to get a new phone but didn’t plan to. Other Motorola smartphones come in the $200 to $300 range, including the Motorola Moto G Power, which has the best battery life of just about any smartphone on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Some people want a high-quality smartphone that has all of the functionality of an iPhone. However, they don’t want the Apple ecosystem that is only compatible with other Apple products. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy phone line is a great option. It is higher in the price range, with the cheaper S10e starting at about $600, but it can do whatever an iPhone can do.

One Plus 8 Pro

Anther high-level smartphone is the One Plus 8 Pro. Are you looking for something that can take high-quality photos? Maybe you want a phone that stores hours worth of music, and can run for a long time without a charge. If this description sounds like you, check out the One Plus 8 Pro. It also comes in at a higher price point, at about $1000. Other models start at $500.

iPhone 11 Pro

If you are looking for a smartphone that is absolutely at the top of the line, cutting edge, all the bells and whistles, and the price is no barrier, consider the iPhone 11 Pro. This next generation of the iPhone starts at $1000, and if you are a fan of Apple products, it will not disappoint.


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