Getting to Know the Galaxy S20 Series

One product that has kept Android lovers on a rollercoaster ride of excitement is Samsung’s Galaxy S series. This series’ fame is unrivaled, and what it has to offer is worth the hype. In 2020, Samsung launched three awe-inspiring and high tech products in the S series: Samsung S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. 

These products have many tongues wagging and have an excellent reputation within a short time. The high quality of these products comes with an equally high price tag, but you would have the best Android phone that money can buy if you can afford one of these. Keep reading to learn more about the Galaxy S20 Series. 

What’s the Hype?


Everything about the Samsung S20 series is the real deal. It has impressive accessories, detailed specs, and hands-on coverage that are mind-blowing. Some features that make this product top-notch include expandable storage, 120Hz display, and upgraded cameras. If your aim is class, elegance, and style, this is the choice product for you.

How much will one of these innovative phones cost? The starting prices of Samsung S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are $1000, $1200, and $1400 respectively, and all three are presently available in large stores for purchase.

Galaxy S20 Series Overview


The Samsung S20 series has a lot to offer, and reviews are the best place to state. The Galaxy S20 might seem like the least of this lineup, but it is the one that has the most recommendation in this series. The device in this series has the smallest price tag and is very easy to navigate and use. It gives the same features as the other two in the Samsung S20 lineup and saves cost.

Galaxy S20+ is costlier than the S20 by $200 has few upgrades like a better digital zooming and a larger battery. It is more complicated than the Galaxy S20 and more complex to handle.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has many superb qualities. An eye-catching factor is its upgraded camera system, the 120Hz AMOLED display, and its unique build quality. For this device, Samsung gave everything into production and created a machine of unrivaled quality.

This innovation, however, does not imply that the Samsung S20 Ultra is not without flaws. Like every device, it has few qualities that make it imperfect. The cost for one puts a dent in your pocket, the fingerprint sensor is not of the best quality and can be annoying, and the refresh rate of 120Hz drains the battery massively.

Which Samsung Galaxy S20 Series is Best For You?


Depending on the preferences and features you need, any of the S20 series lineups can fit your desire. Their core is all the same. They all have expandable storage, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor, wireless charging, water-resistance, and 120Hz displays. Even though they are quite similar to last year’s S10 series, they have unique features that make them stand out.

The S20 is not cheap at the starting price of $100 when compared to other android devices. However, in this Samsung series, it is pocket friendly and the easiest to use. It has the smallest battery size, fewest cameras, and does connect with 5G mmWave networks. This smartphone is your go-to choice if you prefer phones with small screens.

The next is the Samsung Galaxy S20+. This smartphone offers slight improvements from the S20 with a top-up of $200 as startup price. The Samsung S20 Ultra gives you the full Android experience, and though it is expensive, it provides worth for your money and allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits an Android phone can offer.

Awesome Camera Upgrades


In comparison to its past products, Samsung has upgraded its camera capacity. Even though the cameras of S20 and S20+ still have the 12MP lenses, there have pixels that are about 30% larger and give more accuracy and light to images in a shot. Samsung has also upgraded its telephoto camera, which now has a 64MP sensor and a three times lossless zoom.

These are exciting improvements, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra floors them all. This device has a massive primary camera of 108MP that uses pixel binning for shots whose final products are 12MP. It also has a 48MP telephoto camera that can give 10* lossless zoom, thanks to its position inside the 20 Ultra. The S20 Ultra allows you to zoom all the way and still have a clear and impressive image.

Get More With the Galaxy S20 Series


The Galaxy S20 has lots of advantageous uses, but you may have difficulties if you are a novice to the Android world. To get through this, you must first understand the basics of the smartphone. These may include power and light reduction, turning on dark mode, and customizing various camera modes to your taste and style.

You may also need to learn specific functions on the phone like adjusting refresh time as this consumes battery power, and you can switch between modes to save battery life. A great feature is a Live Caption; this focus displays captions for photos and videos using on-device technology. This feature allows you to watch videos on YouTube and avoid unnecessary captioning effortlessly.

Samsung has a reputation for bringing its products in the best of colors, and this year, the lineup has not disappointed smartphone lovers. The available colors are Aura Blue, Cosmic Grey, Cloud Pink, Cosmic Black, and Cloud Blue. Which one will you get?