5 Best Wireless Headphones

Do you love listening to music? Whether you are in the car, walking your dog, or chilling in your room, music seems to be your go-to mood. You probably have to use headphones a lot to be respectful of others around you, huh? Maybe this attitude is double for your favorite TV shows. More people these days are opting for wireless technology, meaning that people are ditching the headphone jack. If you want to upgrade your gadgets, check out some of the best options for wireless headphones.

Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bose has built its brand and made its name around noise-canceling headphones. What they do is use special microphones to pick up noise surrounding you and then filter it out. That way, all you hear is your music, podcast, or, if you prefer, absolutely nothing. Many people prefer noise-canceling headphones when traveling on planes, trains, or other noisy forms of transportation. Noise-canceling headphones do come with a premium price tag; for a brand new set, expect to pay at least $300.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Just on the market, as of August 2020, are Samsung’s earbuds. Unlike Apple’s Air Pods, these earbuds are designed to fit the shape of the ear and have noise-canceling technology. These wireless headphones come in at a lower price point, too, closer to the $150 range. They were designed to be more comfortable, seeing as many users keep their earbuds in for six hours or more each day and compatible with a more extensive range of products than the Air Pods. If you are searching for earbuds with a higher level of functionality than the Apple Air Pods but a lower price tag, consider these brand new Samsung Galaxy earbuds.

Beats By Dre

Some of the best wireless headphones on the market are the Beats line by Dr. Dre. Their sound quality cannot be matched, and they use Bluetooth technology, meaning that you do not need to plug them into a headphone jack. Beats headphones are top of the line and come with a top-of-the-line price tag; a new pair will run you upwards of $200. For noise-canceling Beats headphones, expect to pay more than you would for Bose: $350 and up.

Apple Air Pods

These little earbuds come inside a little case that looks like it should hold dental floss yet actually recharges them. But they have a sound quality that matches a set of external headphones, and they are also waterproof, making them great for a gym workout. Because of how Apple maintains exclusivity over its products, Air Pods are some of the only earbuds/headphones connected with iPhones and other Apple devices via Bluetooth. If you use Apple products and want a pair of rechargeable earbuds, Apple’s Air Pods are probably a great starting point. These wireless headphones run in the $200 to $300 range.

Status Audio BT One

If you want wireless headphones but don’t want to pay a premium price tag, there are other, more affordable options. The Status Audio BT One headphones run closer to $80, much lower than the $200+ price tag that you will see on other brands and models. They don’t have the noise-canceling features of Bose or the high quality of Beats, but you can still go out for a run while listening to your favorite songs, no strings attached (literally, no wires).

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