Dental Implants for Restoring Your Smile

Aging is often associated with various biological changes. But some changes are worse, like losing your teeth which can ruin your beautiful smile. There is no need to worry as you can replace a tooth or multiple teeth you failed to get your precious smile back.

With dental implants, you can get some confidence back into your smile and feel great again. Here we’re going to have a look at how you can restore your smile, what dental implants are, how they are done, and the benefits of having them. Let’s get started!

How Can You Restore Your Smile?

There is a permanent solution for missing teeth, dental implants. Dental implants are the best choice for seniors awaiting to restore their smile with natural-looking teeth. There is a wide range of options online. You can search and find affordable dental implants for you.

Gone are the days when you should hide the gaps in your smile. Dental implants allow you to fill those gaps with teeth crowns that look like natural teeth and feel real. Then you will be able to smile wide and eat normally. After dental implants, you will enjoy a complete set of teeth, and this enjoyment may last for life if proper care is done.

What Actually Are Dental Implants?

Among the various alternatives for replacing lost teeth, dental implants are probably the best options due to them sitting permanently in your teeth and making it look to anyone else as though the tooth has always been there.

A dental implant tooth consists of a crown and an implant post. A crown made up of ceramic is attached to the implant, which is usually a titanium rod. Dental implants are non-removable and, once inserted, never require to be sized, moved, and adjusted as they are fitted in the tooth socket of the jawbone.

Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implant procedure includes two stages. The implant post is placed in the jawbone during the first stage by a minor surgery carried under a local anesthetic. The implant post is allowed to fuse in the jawbone socket that held your lost tooth.

As soon as the implant post becomes a part of the jawbone, the second stage is usually carried out after the implant post’s insertion. The crown is clamped to the implant post in the second stage, creating a new tooth. This gives you back your natural smile.

Why are Dental Implants Beneficial for Seniors?

Dental implants are indeed a bit costly in comparison to dentures and bridges. But it is also worth paying. Unlike dentures, dental implants should not be changed constantly; there is no risk of caps being loose or fallen.

Dental implants offer many more satisfactory features that other teeth replacement solutions can’t meet. They are perfect for seniors who have lost some of their teeth as it helps to restore what looks like a complete and natural set. Their lack of maintenance compared to other dental work is a key reason why they are so popular.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The most satisfactory benefit of dental implants is teeth replaced look and feel natural. It blends so seamlessly that it will be hard to distinguish from others. There will not even be a hint of movement of replaced teeth. If you have used dentures, you can relate to the pain caused by the movement of dentures.

This will not be the case with dental implants. You can speak and eat without any discomfort. After losing a tooth, you may start losing bone mass around the missing tooth site. Dental implants prevent bone loss instead; it stimulates new bone growth. This results in maintaining your facial structure.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants are a lifetime investment; once you implant a tooth, it will last as long as you live. It may sound costly as a single tooth can cost around $3,000, but you get the security of knowing it’s a permanent solution and there won’t be any more costs.

The decrease in the price of dental implants has been notable past few years, and the procedure is more accessible than ever. Before consulting a dentist for an implant, the most important step is to research well about dental surgeons or dental implants options to find out how much money can be saved.

Money-Saving Ideas

You can consider a dental teaching institute as the best option because they offer free dental camps so that students or aspiring dentists can learn about dental implants procedure under senior dentists’ supervision.

Besides, if you have any dental insurance or discount scheme, you can save hundreds of dollars, and you can also get cheap implant service by contacting the local health department. They know about dental programs taking place in your locality that may offer reduced-cost services. There may also be some financial assistance programs for senior citizens; you can find out about it by contacting the local health department.

Our Final Thoughts

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful” so don’t let aging affect the beauty of your life. It is obvious to lose teeth at old age, but don’t let missing teeth suppress your valuable smile or confidence.

There is a permanent yet convenient solution to get back missing teeth that looks natural. Take your time to know more about it and then make up your mind. Begin today to explore the available options online regarding dental implants and find out the best for you.