A Look At The Top Luxury Sedans Currently on The Market

There are a few traits which help in describing a luxury vehicle. For one, the car has to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These are the types of cars one loves to show off to family and friends. Secondly, the luxury has to exist within the interior of the vehicle. It must possess an opulent presentation — both in terms of the materials as well as the technological components. Lastly, it must be a car rooted in state-of-the-art safety measures.

Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln MKZ is one of the most affordable luxury Sedans on the market. With a starting price of $35,995, the MKZ has three configurations (Standard, Reserve 1, Reserve 2). Even nicer, the hybrid model comes at no extra charge. From an engine standpoint, lower models come with a respectable 2.0-L 4-Cylinder. The most expensive model has a 3.0-L V-6 under the hood. In other words, the MKZ certainly packs a punch when accelerating.

The car prides itself on having a sleek look. This also includes the inner cabin, where the touches are modern yet not complicated. Lastly, one of the strongest components of the MKZ is its technological features. Not only are they improved from past models, but they’re also on the higher end when compared to its competitors. Another great option to consider from this family is the highly acclaimed Lincoln Continental.

Lexus ES 350

Lexus is widely respected as luxury personified. This car manufacturer is always on the cutting-edge when it comes to crafting a beautiful vehicle. The ES 350 continues on with this tradition in a big way. Starting at $39,750 and getting up to $44,285, the ES 350 is a leader within the class as it pertains to power, the smoothness in ride quality, safety features, and handling capabilities.

The ride itself is quite tranquil in nature. Along with excellent handling construction, one can cruise down the open road or around bends seamlessly. Technologically, it rates out similarly with many in its class. Essentially, the ES 350 is an incredibly solid vehicle across the board.

Acura RLX

Acura has put out a classy vehicle when it comes to the RLX. Starting at $54,900 and approximately capping at $61,900, this vehicle holds a tremendous amount of value. For one, the interior cabin is as big and roomy as one will find within the class. It makes for highly enjoyable trips. Additionally, the ride itself is very quite and peaceful.

Additionally, Acura worked tirelessly in making this car convenient for the user. This involves a heavy emphasis on safety measures, and also an easy-to-use tech center. However without question, the strongest aspect of this car appears to be its space within the cabin.


All BMWs provide a unique driving experience and world-class design. This high end luxury car is reasonably priced starting just over $69k. Powered by a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine putting out 425 HP, the M4 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds; this BMW provides an aerodynamic choice for a reliable sedan. Inside the engine of this sedan is a high-pressure injector that injects fuel in 0.27 seconds; this allows for precise control of combustion and efficient driving.

Image source: mtdemocrat.com