The Hottest Smartphones of 2021

The dog-eat-dog market for smartphones has evolved greatly in the last 10 years. With mobile technology making rapid strides in the past few years, smartphones’ average selling price has decreased sharply.

The leading smartphone producers had to postpone their newest offerings owing to the pandemic. If you are eagerly looking forward to upgrading your existing phone, then check out the hottest smartphones of 2021. 


Apple iPhone 12 Mini & 12 Pro Max

While the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is out now, you may have to be patient until mid-November 2021 to get these. Besides featuring refurbished OLED screens, the newest Series of iPhones, novel squared profile, and an A14 Bionic processor is 5G compliant.

The iPhone 12 Mini is similar to the iPhone 12 in terms of features; however, it is smaller and costs $100 less. Alternatively, the 12 Pro Max is a top-of-the-line smartphone, equipped with a superlative camera lineup and a comprehensive UI. Several iPhone fans may not warm up because the latest iPhone does not come with a power adaptor or headphones.         

Samsung Galaxy Note 20FE

If the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is already here, can the Galaxy Note 20FE be far behind? The smartphone market is abuzz with rumors that the Samsung Note 20FE will roll out before 2021 is over.

The standard package may include a Snapdragon 865 (North America) processor or Exynos 8250 (Europe) processor, 6.7″ AMOLED display, trimmed down storage, and RAM. The lower price of Note 20FE will complement with downgraded camera features and a plastic casing. 

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

Customers made a beeline for the OnePlus Nord N10 5G phone starting in November 2020. The Nord N10 will share many of the original Nord’s features like 5G connectivity, quad-cameras, and 90Hz high refresh rate display. However, the USP of the Nord N10 is that it costs less than its predecessor. 

Samsung Galaxy S21/S30

As always, Samsung has a spectacular lineup of ultra-premium, midrange, and budget phones slated for releasing all through 2021. First on Samsung’s plan is the Galaxy S21/S30 series that may be unveiled in the chaebol’s Unpacked event in February 2021. The commercial launch will most probably take place sometime in March 2021.

The S21/30 Series will graduate to the Snapdragon 875 processor and might sport a refurbished design. 5G support will be a standardized across-the-board feature, 108MP cameras, and a possible upgrade to 65W wired charging.

Xiaomi Mi 11

The venerated Mi 11 from the Xiaomi stable will first launch in China, followed by a Q1 2021 release in Europe. It’s widely speculated that the Mi 11 will come with the Snapdragon 875 chipset, feature an upgrade to quad-HD display, and have a 5500mAh battery facilitating 100W wired charging. Watch out for a 192MP camera on the backside.  

Moto G10 –H1

Motorola’s Moto G series phones incorporate highly functional features, notwithstanding their competitive prices. When the first of the Moto G10 models is expected to release in the first half of 2021.

As usual, the next-gen Moto G models will have more significant and more powerful batteries, better cameras, and cheap yet efficient processors. The more expensive models will have 5G compatibility.    

Huawei P50

After making waves with the Mate 40 Series, Huawei is gearing up to release the P5Series sometime in March 2021. Huawei will most likely announce a set of three phones-P50 Pro Plus, P50 Pro, and P50-with higher prices. The P50 phones, like the Mate 40 devices, will have Kirin 9000 processor underneath their hoods.

For the first time, the Huawei P50s will make the most of 120Hz panels and integrate some of the camera features of Mate 40s.   

Oppo Find X3

With the kind of attention Oppo is lavishing on the Find X, it is rumored that the range may soon become the flagship line replacing the Reno models. The Find X3 series that’ll see a launch sometime in March 2021 is expected to stand out because of its charging specs, display, camera, and heavy-duty Snapdragon 875 chipset.   

Google Pixel 5a

Google’s Pixel ‘a’ smartphones by and large precedes the launch of premium flagship models and tends to be pocket friendly. People don’t know very much about the individual features of the imminent ‘5a.’ However, you can take 5G support, improved processor, and 90Hz refresh rate for granted. Expect the Pixel’ 5a’ to be up for sale by March or April 2021.  

OnePlus Nord 2

The upcoming midrange Nord phone is expected to take advantage of 65W fast charging and feature a display refresh rate of 120Hz. This gadget will be highly sought-after because it will run on Android 11 OS and feature a new intuitive processor. The new offering might be commercially released for sale, possibly in the second half of 2021. 

New BlackBerry Phone

Yes, BlackBerry might make a comeback in 2021in a new avatar. Onward Mobility, the US-based company that has teamed up with BlackBerry for the project, reports that the device will have a physical keypad and support a 5G network. Another critical aspect that BlackBerry buffs should keep in mind that the incarnated smartphone will be Android-based.      

Apple iPhone 13

Diehard iPhone consumers will need to be patient as the 13th edition will launch sometime in fall 2021. Apple typically will come up with four variants. All of them feature a bran-new A15 Bionic processor.

It’s rumored that the display refresh rate will leap to 120Hz, and storage will increase to 1TB while the notch might be smaller. Additionally, the rumor mills have it that Apple’s banking on MagSafe wireless charging means the iPhone 13 will become port-less.

Apple iPhone SE Plus – H2

People predicted that Apple would come out with a Plus variant when the tech giant launched the iPhone SE in April 2020. However, Apple may not come out with the Plus model before July 2021. Besides being more extensive than its predecessor (may sport a 6.1″ or 5.5″ screen), the iPhone SE Plus may also feature a built-in Touch ID.