Find the Best Cell Phones for Seniors 

Many seniors now own a cell phone, with over half in that age group owning smartphones. Surprisingly, seniors use their cellphones for tasks or hobbies beyond what you might think.

They can watch their favorite TV show and receive pictures from their loved ones. While some may like the features that come with higher-end smartphones, others prefer simple phones with minimal features.  Check out the list below to find the best cell phones for seniors. 

GreatCall’s Jitterbug Flip 


If you are a senior or are purchasing a phone for a loved one, the Jitterbug Flip is a simple phone at a low price.  One ideal feature of this phone is excellent speakers. Seniors can turn them all the way up for louder sound. Another popular element among seniors involves a phone’s battery life.

They may struggle to remember to charge it every day. The Jitterbug Flip offers up to 10 hours on a continuous call. The phone is equipped with an emergency help button that seniors can use if they find themselves in trouble. This feature helps give them and their loved ones peace of mind.

Nokia 3310


A straightforward, simple phone, the Nokia 3310 is an excellent cell phone without a smartphone’s complexity. Seniors will have the option to choose from a red, yellow, dark blue, or gray phone. It is a durable phone option that is built to withstand a drop or two.

Although there is a lack of smartphone features, there is still a built-in camera to take basic photos. For those who have difficulty reading, the phone has big buttons and a simple interface. If you are like my grandmother, who enjoys going for long walks, there is also a headphone jack to listen to music with earbuds. 

Moto G7 Play by Motorola


While some seniors prefer a simple phone, others enjoy some more complex smartphone capabilities. The Moto G7 Play provides a balance as not to overwhelm the user. This phone is a prepaid option that allows users to pay based on how much the phone is used instead of a set monthly fee. The screen is extremely clear easy-to-read.

It is helpful for seniors who have trouble reading small print and the volume is loud. Additionally, the voice quality is extremely clear and easy for seniors who are hard of hearing to understand those on the other end of the phone. 

iPad Mini 


While the iPad Mini is technically a tablet, people can still use it as a cell phone. Seniors can stream audio from the iPad to compatible hearing aids. The bright, larger-than-life display offers clear reading. The iPad Mini is ideal for seniors who also want to share photos and videos with friends and family.

Not only can they receive the latest moments from their children and grandchildren, but they can also take and send their own with the incorporated camera. The 10 hours of battery life let the user make calls, video chat, and surf the web. The iPad Mini would be an ideal option for the senior who is technologically inclined. 

Jitterbug Smart2


The bright and easy-to-read display makes it an excellent choice for seniors who may struggle with the modern, tiny phone screens. The software focuses on big words in clear fonts rather than unique fonts. The battery life can last up to 12 hours, so it is excellent for those that may forget to plug it in every day. The phone comes with apps such as phone, text, camera, and internet that are easy to navigate. 

LG Exalt 


One of the most basic phones, the LG Exalt flip phone, is an excellent choice for those who are hard of hearing. Users can enable high-resolution sound with a high-fidelity speaker and high-definition voice. The flip phone is sturdy and has large buttons. That makes it easier for seniors to navigate the functions. Also included are basic features such as a calculator, alarm clock, and a timer.

For seniors that want to text but struggle with pressing buttons, the LG Exalt features a text-to-speech function. This incredible feature also can read incoming text messages for someone who is having trouble reading the screen.